Wordless Wednesday – Making New Friends

My 4 year old always seems to make friends where ever she goes.  She is so opposite of her mother.  I tend to chat with the person for awhile and see if we have anything in common and then I’ll make a decision whether or not I want to be friends with that person.

But not my daughter.

Check out the friends she met this past weekend while at Old Navy.

Can you spot my daughter? =)

Can you spot my daughter? =)

Aww, she's even holding his hand! I guess she went too far.

Awww, she's even holding his hand! OK, maybe she went too far.(lol)

She was her favorite.

She was her favorite.

I hope you enjoyed my Wordless Wednesday. My kids and I had a great laugh with these photos, especially when we were in the store.  We couldn’t stop laughing.

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  1. Your daughter is so cute!!!!

    • Carolyn: Thanks. She loves to model for me when it’s time to take pictures. I just wish she was like that when she was a baby. She was always afraid of the photographers..lol

      Elisa: Isn’t it funny? And it was her idea. The shop assistants were looking at us like we were crazy..LOL. We had a ball laughing. They are now best friends..:P

  2. That’s hilarious! She’s so cute 🙂 What did the shop assistants say?

  3. Hard to tell which one’s the “model.” Your little girl is so cute! That would have made me laugh too!

  4. So cute…
    If she stand there still maybe people will think she is one of the model too.

  5. LOL That’s so cute!!

  6. Hmmm watch out for the boy in blue … I think he may try and steal her away cause she’s such a cutie! Absolutely LOVED these pics by the way! LOL

  7. That’s too funny!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday

  8. Very cute! My daughter does the same thing whenever we go to a department store she starts talking to the mannequins. lol

  9. I like her friends. They seem to be the quiet sort.

  10. Great to meet up at the Kleenex event–your kids are the cutest an so well behaved. You can see my pics, video and post here:


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