I’m A Mean Mom!

Yup! That’s what my kids think (& say behind their breath) by they way they huff and puff when I tell them to do chores and stuff around the house.

You wanna know what I make them do?

Here’s the list (and it’s not every.single.day!):

  • I make them brush their teeth.
  • Take showers everyday (if I’m lucky!)
  • They MUST clean their own rooms.
  • My son (12 yrs.) has trash duty everyday!
  • My daughter (10 yrs.) clears the table every nite (if I’m lucky!).
  • The older two takes care of the animals. We have one dog and one cat.  They need to make sure the litterbox is clean, their bowls are filled with water and food and pick up the dog’s crap outside. (Yea, it sounds like alot but they wanted the animals.)
  • Help with yard work.
  • and whatever else comes to my mind when I’m busy doing other things (and no, it’s not blogging, lol).

They’re lucky they didn’t have my mom for a mother becuase she had my sister and I like slaves.  We did everything! Especially if we wanted to go out and play.  From the bathroom, our bedrooms, to the kitchen and floors. After we were done, we were lucky to go outside to play with our friends.

Most of the time, we weren’t even allowed to go anywhere, no matter if we cleaned or not.  She said she was afraid that someone would take us or something bad would happen to us.

If you ask me, my kids got it good! They get to play outside with their friends after they are done with their chores.

So, what do you think? Am I MEAN? Do you have your kids do chores or do you have them spoiled by doing everything for them? This definitely does NOT apply if your children are under 3…..just in case 😉


  1. No kiddos yet, but I plan to do the same 🙂 Not bad at all.

  2. No you’re not mean. My child has to scoop all three cat boxes daily, keep her room and bathroom clean, pull weeds in the front yard and do dishes nightly.

    How will kids learn to take care of themselves or do things they don’t really want to do and just get it over with if they never have to do any regular chores? How will they ever appreciate what YOU do for them if they never do for themselves?

  3. I guess I was spoiled growing up. My mom did casi todo (almost everything). I honestly can’t say how I’ll be with my son so I’ll let you know in a few years. I imagine I will be similar to you though. In between.

  4. No kids, but that sounds way easier than I had it! If only I could get the dog to do some of those things….

  5. haha…

    When I was young I also did chores. I think it’s a good thing fot kids to do,well, only the amount or things kids are able to do!

    It’s for the kids future good!

  6. You are not mean at all. Sometimes, I rather do things myself because mis hijos take forever and I want it done quickly, lol. They do help me in the kitchen every night with the dishes. When it’s time to clean the cat’s litter they have to do it themselves while I make sure they do it right, lol. I had to clean a lot when I was growing up too while my cousins did nothing and I rarely watched cartoons because I had to clean. Guess that’s why I’m such a procrastinator, lol.

  7. Definitely, definitely not mean.. Those kids will really appreciate it when they’re older. They’ll stay stuff like, well my mom made us do… that’s why now I can … without it being a problem. Keep up the good work!

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