It’s the weekend! Time to save some money!

For me, saving money means buying things when they are on sale and also using coupons to save even more.  I like to buy extra newspapers so that I can have extra coupons for the items I use alot, like cereals, juice and breakfast foods.  I have 3 kids under 12 so I have to keep a full pantry of food or else I keep hearing “Mom, there’s nothing to eat, I’m hungry!”. And I don’t want to hear that! Who does?

I know it’s alot of work to cut and sort coupons and most people don’t have the time to sit down for an hour or two to cut them (cut coupons while you watch TV, I do it all the time) but if you spend that extra time cutting coupons from the newspaper and/or the web, you can score some pretty good deals or better yet, you can get stuff for FREE!

That’s right, I said free!

If you shop wisely, you can get lots of stuff for free.  I’ve gotten razors, lotions, body soaps, detergents, sunscreen, the list can go on and on.  You can also get free products if you have a CVS or a Walgreens nearby.  Just check your local ad and see what they have on sale.

There’s lots of great coupons around now.  If you happen to have the August edition of Latina Magazine, there are some great coupons in there also. You can use coupons at any grocery store and any pharmacy.  If you decide to go to the supermarket to get your groceries and toiletries, remember that most coupons under $1 are doubled and sometimes are tripled, depending on the store.

So go to page 22 in the August Edition of the Latina magazine and you’ll find coupons for:

  • Colgate Toothpaste – .75¢ off.
  • Softsoap Hand Soap – 35¢ off.
  • Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent – 50¢ off.
  • Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaner – 50¢ off.
  • Softsoap Body Wash – 75¢ off. (these are great!)
  • Suavitel Fabric Softener – 50¢ off.

For a coupon for Johnson & Johnson Body Care products,  click HERE for a great coupon and view Ashanti’s Cause Party Video.

If the thought of buying numerous copies of the Sunday newspaper isn’t your thing, you can view some coupons below and print them directly to your printer at home.   You can also click below where it says “See all coupons” to see what other great coupons are available.  There’s tons of coupons for virtually anything.

It’s that easy!

Happy Shopping…..and Saving!


  1. Didn’t realize I could score some coupons in Latina Magazine, thanks for the heads up!

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