Free Hershey’s Chocolate Every Friday Through September!


Everyone loves chocolate, right? I  know I do.  I have to eat chocolate every week.  I know it’s fattening but it relaxes me.  So when I do have the urge to eat chocolate, I always go for Hershey’s.  It’s rich, creamy and there’s nothing like it.  I was super excited when I heard that Hershey’s was GIVING away free chocolate.  It was hard to believe so I had to get on it.  So far, I’ve received 4 coupons for free chocolate.

You must be asking why is Hershey’s doing this? Well, Hershey’s is trying  to help people get through this awful recession so they came up with the “Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act”. They will be GIVING away a free chocolate bar to the first 250,000 people that register on their site every FRIDAY starting at 9AM.

Click HERE to get your coupon!

If you want to read why they’re giving away free chocolate, click  HERE.


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