Just one of those days…

Well, I have to say it’s just one of those days.  My week hasn’t been the best week because of me not feeling well and it won’t be a great weekend either.

I was super excited about the Big Apple BBQ Block Party happening today and tomorrow but my vehicle decided to tell me otherwise.  I’m having car trouble so that leaves me to stay home, which isn’t a bad thing but I really wanted to eat some BBQ ribs, chicken, pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, drink some beer and interact with people. I could just taste the BBQ sauce..

Oh man, I’m dying right now! lol

I was also supposed to meet Carol from NYCitymama (an old friend & blogger) and Jen from Babyrific (a blogger I have yet to meet in person but will soon) but I guess life happens.

They’ll be plenty of days where I can meet them and have a good time.

So, what can I say but that’s life!


  1. So sorry to hear that your week sucked… I have been having one of those weeks and weekends and I have a not-so-fun week ahead of me, too. Here’s to hoping it gets better for both of us!

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