Woman shot by arrow in NYC.

Can you believe it?  I was shocked when I heard the news on TV.  This happened in the Riverdale section of the Bronx yesterday.

It appeared to be an accident.

The 27 year old man that was arrested said he shot an arrow into the white fence in his backyard (he uses arrows for target practice) but when it went through the fence, it ricocheted up and that’s when the woman got shot in the stomach (OUCH!).

At first, she thought a baseball bat that slammed into her.  Poor lady was just escorting elderly people into a nursing home.  How sad.

But she’s ok; she’s out of the hospital recovering.

Thank goodness!


  1. Isolated Existence says:

    I saw this on TV when it first happened. I first thought I go by there when I go to Target, that could have been me! Then I thought are people that evil these days? So I am glad to know the guy didn’t do it on purpose, that he was doing target practice. And of course I am glad the lady is doing well. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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