I hate it when…

I buy something, forget about it and and then it goes bad.

Like on Friday, I bought ground chicken to make Rachael Ray‘s Buffalo Meatballs (they’re so good) for the Superbowl.  I wanted to make them on Saturday so I wouldn’t have to make them on Sunday.

On Saturday night, my daughter asks me if I was still making the meatballs, I told her I’ll make it on Sunday since I made Chili in the crockpot today (Saturday).  She says ok.

Sunday comes along and I am exhausted.  Why? Because my 3 year old daughter was up throwing up nasty phlegm at one in the morning.  So my daughter asks me again, are you still making the meatballs today? I said, maybe.

I remembered that night that I didn’t make the meatballs.  You know when I decided to make it?

Yesterday morning!  And you know what? It smelled HORRIBLE!! I couldn’t believe it.  I was so disgusted and upset.  Wasted food down the drain; $5.00 worth of ground chicken to be exact.

DAMN! I hate that!

Did you ever have a situation like this?  If you did, I’d like to know.


  1. I HATE that too!

  2. Oh man I hear ya! I do that wayyyyyyy to often.

  3. Arg! That drives me nuts, too! Hate it! I even hate it when leftovers go bad.

    Have you noticed that food prices are down a little? I think it might have something to do with gas prices. I am so glad to see it.

    Sorry about your meatballs. You’ll have to post the recipe! 😀

  4. I do that too, used to do it a lot! The recipe sounds like it would taste delish! Mmm, now I am hungry, lol…

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