I know it’s cold outside but you must plan ahead.

You might be asking, what am I talking about? Plan ahead? Well, Summer is only 5 months away and you know how time flies by.  So now’s the time to make plans for that great summer vacation.  How does a Jersey Shore Beach Vacation sound?  Sounds good, right?  Even though it’s been a few years since I’ve been to the Jersey Shore, I love visiting the beach and see all that the shore has to offer.  It really is beautiful over there.  If you haven’t been to the Jersey Shore, you should go this year.  It’s especially great for people that live in the Northeast & can’t afford to fly (like me). 

Since we didn’t go on vacation last year, New Jersey is on our top of the list for our next vacation.  We can drive a couple of hours and boom, we’re there.  There’s tons to do over there too.  The beach isn’t the only thing to see.  There’s a huge amusement park and two cool waterparks too.  I love amusement parks.  I especially love the roller coasters.  They’re my absolute favorite. 

You can also choose from the many Resorts in Wildwood NJ and the Jersey Shore.  You can even stay right on the Wildwood Boardwalk.  How convenient is that?  There’s a special deal going on right now that I don’t want you to miss.  You only have until January 9th to get this great deal so you have to hurry.  You can save nearly 40% off on a season pass to both Ocean Oasis and Raging Waters water parks.  It’s not just a season pass either.  There’s other fantastic perks that go along with the pass too.  You get a free Disney Radio t-shirt, 50% off Extreme Rides & Mini Golf, Bring-A-Friend days and lots of other surprises. 

With the way the economy is right now, you know every penny counts when it comes to that vacation you’ve been dreaming about.  So hurry and plan ahead!

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