Just two more days…

until Halloween.  So here are a few pictures for Wordless Wednesday. Hope you enjoy!

Our Skeleton

Our Skeleton

Our Devil

Our Devil

Our halloween themed bay window

Our Halloween themed bay window

In front of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant in NYC

In front of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant in NYC


  1. Hi there! Very cool! Looks like your all ready for Halloween. 🙂

    I’ve got something for you over at On The Bricks. 🙂

  2. Are those top two pumpkins? Very cool!

  3. Yes, the two pics are from a real pumpkin.. The pumpkin was so big that we craved two faces… The kids love it!

  4. The pumpkin photos are fabulous! What an excellent job. I am lucky if I can carve a simple jack o’ lantern face. I haven’t been to Jekyll & Hyde’s yet. My kids are still too young. I did used to frequent the one down in the village back in the day (many, many days ago). Is it still there or am I showing my age?

  5. WOW nice pumpkins….ours never look like that.

  6. Kim: This is the best kit (http://www.pumpkinmasters.com/products.asp) ever to carve that perfect pumpkin… That is what we used.

    Anne: Yes, Jekyll and Hyde is still there… 🙂 They have two restaurants; one in the village and the other one on the East side.

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