I got my fix!

Sorry for the dark picture

(Sorry for the dark picture)

I really haven’t had “great” deals at CVS in awhile so when I saw this week’s deals, I thought it was time to score some well needed stuff and other items too.

So I went to CVS yesterday and I also got some free items as well.  I had $20.46 in ECB’s (two cards; hubby and mine) and my goal was to spend less than $5 but that didn’t quite happen.

Here’s what did happen:

This was done in two transactions:

  • Sensodyne $4.49 ($.75 Q)
  • Mylanta $6.00 ($3 Q)
  • Motrin for Children $6.00
  • Listerine Agent Cool Blue $4.49 ($.50 Q)
  • Colgate Max Fresh $2.99
  • 3- Hallowen Candy Teeth $2.97
  • Motrin IB $7.00 ($1 Q) (2nd. transaction)
  • Tylenol PM $6.00 ($2 Q) (2nd. transaction)

I also used: $5 CVS coupon; Buy $30 and get $5 off.

Total without Q’s: $39.94

New total after coupons: $31.32

TOTAL after ECB’s used: $10.22 – This wasn’t too bad, right?

Received $15.00 in ECB’s

So, do you have any savings you would like to share?


  1. I just went to CVS on Monday after a very long hiatus!

    I got that free candy corn and then the coca cola, 2 of the Colgate Max and I bought a different Colgate, too, maybe it was part of the Sun/Mon specials? I forget already! It seems like I got more than that…but I just can’t remember what.

    What was funny was the ECB’s all printed up right then and there…you probably know all about that, but I didn’t since I hadn’t been there in so long, lol.

    So, hopefully I will start making a weekly Monday visit to CVS when my lil guy is in preschool. It’s so much easier to shop and do coupons without him…it’s fruitless to shop with him anyhow…he always wants ‘something’, so there goes the whole point of going there…to save money 🙂

    I don’t think I am going to do the dh card and my card thing this time around…too much work and I want to keep it fun and not too stressful…but I might change my mind, we’ll see, I guess!

    Bella 🙂

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