Summer Vacation is Here!

Road Through Great Smokies

The kids are off from school and I know I will run out of things to keep them busy. 

Unfortunately, this summer, we are unable to take a vacation because of all the prices going up.  We will however, go to P.A. to visit some family for the weekend in August.  So technically, that will be our little “vacation”. 

One thing I would love to do is to check out some RVs For Sale and maybe we can think about traveling that way instead of going to a hotel. I have always wanted to travel in a RV.  

Just think; spending time with the family, talking, eating and just having a good time in a moving hotel room.  I don’t know about you but I think that is so cool. 

If only I can win the lottery.  I will definitely buy an RV, and then have the engine converted so that it can run on oil instead of gas. 

Now that would be both economical and environmentally safe. 


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