Summer Vacations are Coming Soon


When I think about the Summer, I think about the best Summer vacation I ever had.  It was when my husband and I took the kids to Disneyworld in 2001.

We had so much fun especially since we had no thoughts of terrorists.  Even though my kids were only three and five they still remember almost every part of the trip.  We had the best time of our lives.  After Disneyworld, we hopped on the Disney cruise which was the perfect way to end our trip.

I think I prefer the cruise over the parks any day.  It was my first cruise and I hope it’s not my last one.  It was great.  If you haven’t cruised before, you should try it.  It’s the best.  You can eat whatever, whenever and just stare at the ocean.  I would love to take my kids on the Disney cruise again.  I hope to in the near future.

Summer is just around the corner and people everywhere are planning vacations with their families.  Are you planning on taking a flight to a place where there’s a beach and pina coladas?  If I had a choice to go anywhere right now, I would have to choose Tahiti.

Well, Bora Bora to be exact.  I would love to stay in one of the huts
that stand over the beautiful blue waters sipping on pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris.

Now that is my dream vacation.

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